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Therapeutic gold formulations remain a living tradition routinely employed in Indian and Tibetan Ayurveda, Siddha medicine, Persian Unani-Tibb and Burmese folk medicine in the form of calcined gold elixirs and liquid tonics.  These very special and in some cases exceedingly rare products are available today as product-descendants of ancient and timeless elixir-alchemy traditions originating in Asia and Persia.  Now, you too have access to these marvelous gold elixirs.  Find the world's most celebrated gold-based therapeutics here at  Historic Elixirs™.

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Gold has been therapeutically used for over 2,500 years in various traditions, typically by royalty and religious elite.



Welcome to Historic Elixirs™ and thank you for your interest in our products.  Gold has been therapeutically used for over 2,600 years in various traditions, typically by royalty and religious elite worldwide, including China, India, Burma, Persia and in the Himalayan regions.  Gold, at the correct particle sizes and concentrations, is bioavailable, bioactive and scientific scrutiny has revealed that gold can profoundly affect human well-being. Extensive archival and practical research has been conducted on the benefits of therapeutic gold formulations offered here.


Asian elixir-alchemy traditions specialize in artisanally working with organic macro-micro nutrition, phytochemicals, mineral and metal trace nutrients and non-essential accumulated elements as valid adjuncts to health and well-being.  Gold — included in many traditional formulations — plays an essential role in several classical preparations due to its alterative, nootropic, adaptogenic, rejuvenative and tonifying properties.

“The therapeutic use of gold and its links with rejuvenation, both physically and spiritually, were recognized millennia ago by several ancient civilizations.  Modern scientific research illumines the extraordinary effects these elixirs have on cognitive function and stress-reduction.” 



In the past decades, top scientists from the western world have discovered some unique and powerful properties in gold-based Indian and Tibetan Ayurvedic, South Indian Siddha, Persian Unani and Burmese folk medicines.  Asia has such a long tradition and rich history of these but the west does not.  Gold-based medicines of the sort so common in the Far-East, have been proven scientifically by several researchers to raise I.Q. scores by up to 20%, to act as anti-anxiety, anti-stress, anti-depression medicines, to boost immunity and even to destroy certain kinds of cancers.  So naturally there is a new and growing demand for these types of gold-based elixirs in the west.  Healthy people will greatly benefit from their use as performance enhancers and to increase an overall sense of well-being.  Western scientists have tried, but cannot seem to replicate what Asian Elixir Alchemists have accomplished 2,500 years ago until present.


Historic Elixirs™ is dedicated to making these extremely fine alchemical products more readily available worldwide, and to ensuring that each offering accurately reflects, or exceeds, the quality and consistency of traditional artisanal products.